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Online Payment

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ASB PONSONBY 12-3019-0486833-01

Please use the three references when making an online payment.

  1. Name of student
  2. Room number
  3. Specify the purpose of the payment

2022  Costs

NB: Subject to review

To maintain the high standard of facilities and the educational opportunities and programmes our school now offers, it is necessary to supplement the grant we receive from the Ministry of Education with specific funding via student costs. The Ministry of Education grant does not provide for any of the ‘extras’ or ‘frills’ of the educational programme/resources we provide.

We are very aware of the expenses facing parents/caregivers at the beginning of the school year. We have therefore tried to keep costs as low as possible. We are also aware that schools have a terrible habit of asking for money throughout the year for various reasons and know that this becomes an inconvenience for parents/caregivers.

For 2022, we pledge that the total cost asked for now will cover all costs for the entire year’s activities/ trips with the exception of the Term 4 Class Camp. However there are additional costs for activities such as – Ski Team, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, ICAS exam etc, if your child wishes to participate in these.

We thank you for your support and trust this form of payment makes it easier for you.

Activity costs are expenses that all schools would collect at the beginning of the year and for such things as Special Events/Trips, Special Programmes, etc. and throughout the year as events occur.

School Donation is optional although we obviously encourage you to pay this and appreciate it greatly if you do. School Donations can be claimed back on your annual tax return.

Costs and Donations can be paid by Automatic Payment, Credit card, Term by Term or the total for the year.

Below is a breakdown of costs. The total amount is $580.00 for the year or $145.00 per term.

We offer a 5% discount on the full amount of $580.00 if paid before the end of March 2022.

Sports and Ed. Outside the Classroom  $50.00
Special Events/Trips  $50.00
Options Modules  $50.00
Printing (including School Magazine)  $40.00
The Arts  $50.00
Internet Levy  $50.00
Transport  $30.00
Technology  $110.00
Total Activity Costs     $430.00
 School Donation   $150.00
Total Per Year $580.00

We also welcome any additional donations that help us to improve the environment and services we offer our students. If you would like to make an additional donation please highlight this when you make a payment. We will provide a receipt for tax purposes.