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Last day of Term 2 Friday 5 July 3pm  – Term 3 starts Monday 22 July.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.  

Student Introductory Letter


Thank you for your interest in Ponsonby Intermediate School.

Ponsonby is constantly building its international profile as an Educational institution providing quality learning programmes for Students at the Year 7 and Year 8 level (11-13 years of age).

The following letter provides a brief overview of the school and is intended as an introduction.

Ponsonby Intermediate School opened in 1976 as a result of demand from the local community. The site of the school is historical, originally being the site of brickworks, used in the days of horse and cart. The school site is approximately three hectares in total area.

Over recent years extensive refurbishment has taken place to ensure all areas of the school are modern, and up to date with current education trends and requirements.

Details and Location

  • Ponsonby CBD – connected to our school by a regular “Link” bus service
  • Specialist Year 7 and Year 8 Teaching
  • Decile 9
  • School Roll 570 students

Mission Statement

The school aims to provide an environment that caters for the individual needs of the student within his/her cultural; context – focusing on:

  • Independence and excellence in learning
  • Social, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Confidence and co-operation in group situations
  • Creative self-expression within an atmosphere for students, teachers and the community as a whole 

Special Features

  • Class sizes are no bigger than 28, which enables teachers to extend and develop the self-esteem of all students, broaden each child’s social and cultural awareness and enhance academic records.
  • Child centred approach to all teaching
  • Extensive grounds with spacious playing and sporting facilities
  • Modern and attractive classrooms
  • Specialised modular teaching in all subject areas.
  • Modern technology, music, ICT specialised: Music Suite, Dance Studio, Science Labs, Art Studios, Food and Bio Tech Rooms, Fashion Design Studio, Computer Suite, Student Guidance Centre, Library
  • Our ICT Suite combines the portability of devices with wireless network and internet access
  • A Board of Trustees and staff who work collaboratively, supported by interested and involved parents, caregivers and the community.

In Our School Your Child is Special

  • We listen
  • We focus on your child’s needs
  • We pursue educational success and excellence
  • We give your child a secure and supportive learning environment
  • We value Parents/Caregivers ideas and support
  • We have a professional staff with a range of teaching skills
  • We support students with special needs
  • We operate programmes for students with special abilities
  • We aim to discover and promote each child’s unique abilities
  • We value and place importance in social, cultural, artistic and sporting fields
  • We value and place a real emphasis on academic success for all individual levels
  • We encourage self-reliance, responsibility, honesty, independence and discipline
  • We want students to find learning fun

Education Review Office Excerpts

  • Students receive high quality education. Students respond positively to the innovative programmes and good teaching practices
  • Teachers respect student’s individuality and encourage their success
  • Teachers approach their tasks with a high degree of professionalism and are committed to providing students with a balanced education
  • Student motivation is maintained in a variety of ways such as interesting contexts, challenges, fun, rewards and praise
  • The school has a climate of open communication

The International Focus

Ponsonby Intermediate offers limited places to students from overseas each year. We see our students as “global citizens” who strive to develop wider knowledge of other nationalities. Our students have travelled on school educational trips to: China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Cambodia. We do not provide Host Families.

Withdrawal Procedures

  • A student may only withdraw from the programme with Parent/Caregiver consent received in writing.
  • If any information provided on an enrolment form proves to be false, or has not been submitted, the school may withdraw the offer of a place for that student
  • Tuition could be terminated under the previous conditions.

Enrolment Applications

Enrolment forms are available on our website, or you can email us on: to complete an application online. Once an enrolment is accepted, an entrance test is arranged for the student prior to beginning at school.

Conditions of Acceptance

International students are accepted provided they meet the following:

  • At lease one term fees paid in advance
  • Student Insurance has been completed and paid
  • Proof of identity: Passport, Birth Certificate, Parent’s Passport, New Zealand Immigration status
  • All documents relating to the enrolment and living requirements are completed and signed by parents

Refund Conditions

These are covered by the Refund Policy

Contact Details

Further details and information can be obtained for International Students from:

Jill Charlton

Ponsonby Intermediate School

50 Clarence Street


T:+64 09 376 0096

M: +64 021 410 797

We look forward to meeting you.

Nick Wilson


Ponsonby Intermediate School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Copies of the Code are available on request from the New Zealand Ministry of Education:

Full details of New Zealand Immigration requirements are available on: 

Most International students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If a student receives medical treatment during their stay in New Zealand, they may be liable for the full costs of medical treatment. Full details on health entitlements are available on:

Medical and Travel Insurance. International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance with a New Zealand based insurer.

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors, but you may still be liable for other medical related costs. For further information: