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Last Day Year 8 Monday 13 December. Last Day Year 7 Tuesday 14 December. 1st day of Term 1, Tuesday 1st February 2022.  


Opportunities for Success


Sports and extra-curricular activities at

Ponsonby Intermediate



Updated Feb 2021


What does Ponsonby Intermediate offer outside the New Zealand Curriculum?


This document outlines the extra-curricular activities and sports which are on offer at Ponsonby Intermediate as well as the teachers that are in charge of each one.

The students will find out about these opportunities in our daily notices, our school newsletter, the school website and at the assemblies that take place during the week.

We are not limited to the sports and activities stated below and are more than happy to help co-ordinate with parents if interest in a certain activity arises. Also, these activities may not always take place every year and will depend on availability of resources (facilities and equipment)  and the amount of interest from the students. You will find the teachers email on our school website.




The following is a list of season sports run by the school. However, parent help is required to help with orgnisation, coaching, managing and transport.



Games will be played on the North Shore throughout the year in two semesters.  Games are played on Monday evenings and students are expected to attend trainings set by the coach and manager during the week.

Teacher in Charge: Sam Jardine


Water Polo

Water Polo is played out at West Wave Pools (may change on 2019) in the Waitakere Intermediate School league from May until November.  Games are played on Friday evenings with trainings taking place on Tuesday evening (subject to change with pool availability). Teams will be invited to enter three different weekend tournaments throughout the year.

Teacher in Charge: Michelle Murray



Is played on the North Shore on Thursday evenings. Trainings are during, before or after school and depends on the coach.

Teacher in Charge: Michelle Murray



Teacher in Charge: Michelle Murray


Ski and Snowboard Team

Teacher in Charge:  Nick Wilson



Lunchtime interclass Sport

All 20 Ponsonby classes participate in sports on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday depending on the timetable and weather. 7 sports are played during this time over the year and reinforces skills learnt during the PE lessons.

Teacher in Charge: Sam Jardine and Michelle Murray


Central Zone Sports Teams

There are many sports that are entered by Ponsonby Intermediate. Students will trial for each team and then attend a tournament day for each of the sports. Please refer to table below which outlines the sports.

Teacher in Charge: Michelle Murray, Sam Jardine, Matt Bennie



Central Zone Day Sports


Term 1

Term 2

·     Tennis

·     Softball

·     Cricket

·     Swimming

·     NZ Tag

·     Orienteering

·     Futsal

·     Soccer

·     Rugby

·     Rugby 7’s

·     Table tennis

·     Water Polo

Term 3

Term 4

·     Netball

·     Cross Country

·     Basketball

·     Squash

·     Rugby league

·     Hockey

·     Athletics

·     Touch

·     Badminton

·     Golf


Students need to look out for the daily notices for information about trials and dates for these zone day events.  These sports are only played on one day as an inter-school tournament.


Options Sports

Hard Out Sports

Soccer Academy

Non traditional sports

ABL games

Term 1 Rugby Coaching Clinic

Please note these will not all be offered in each Option round

Teacher in Charge: Mrs Bennett



Arts and Culture


Teacher in Charge

Rock bands

Paul Curtis

Concert Band

Paul Curtis


Chrissie Cullen

Talent Quest

Paul Curtis and Katie Fiddian


Paul Curtis, Chrissie Cullen and Katie Fiddian

Performing Arts and Music Showcase

Chrissie Cullen and Paul Curtis

Kapa Haka Group


Overseas Trip

Matt Bennie

Culture Week

Cherie Bolesworth and Matt Bennie

Arts Week

Cherie Bolesworth and Matt Bennie


Paul Curtis, Chrissie Cullen and Katie Fiddian


Paul Curtis



Teacher in Charge

ICAS exams

Cherie Bolesworth

Science Fair/NIWA

Margaret Marsick

Literature Quiz

Penelope Dunn


Kim Edwards

REEP programme

Cherie Bolesworth and Penelope Dunn

Writers and Readers Festival

Katie Fiddian and Penelope Dunn

Speech Competition

English Department

Service and Leadership


Teacher in Charge

Positively Ponsonby Representatives

Rachel Maitland-Smith

ECO Warriors

Margaret Marsick, Kelly Richardson

Cultural Leaders

Cherie Bolesworth and Kelly Spencer

Market Day

Chrissie Cullen and Kristen Rees

School Councillors

Chrissie Cullen and Kristen Rees


Paul Curtis

Tech Experts

Andy Wilson

Year Book Magazine

Cobey Bennett


Margaret Marsick

Sports Leaders

Michelle Murray

Music Crew

Paul Curtis

After School Clubs


Contact Person

Skate School

Nick Wilson, Sam Jardine

Table Tennis Club (Term 1 and 2)

Michelle Murray

Music Education Centre


Mountain Bike Club (PIMBC)

Michelle Murray

Orienteering Club (TBC for 2021)

Michelle Murray

Homework Club

Rachel Maitland-Smith


If you have any questions regarding the Extra Curricular activities on offer or would like to assist with organising any of the above activities, you can contact the person listed above through email (info on our website) or your child’s form teacher.