Announcement : 

Last Day Year 8 Monday 13 December. Last Day Year 7 Tuesday 14 December. 1st day of Term 1, Tuesday 1st February 2022.  

Design & Technology

Big Question:

Where do our clothes come from and how can we use innovation and design to create our own textile projects?

Year 7:
Technological Practice:
Learning Intention – Learn and understand the basic practices of textile design to create a simple project.
Technological Literacy:
Learning Intention – Understand the origin of our clothing and the reasons for this; learn about a variety of fabrics and fibres and how they turn into usable fabrics.

Year 8
Technological Practice:
Learning Intention – Learn a range of textile design practices across a multitude of media to create a range of products.
Technological Literacy:
Learning Intention – Understand the process of textile design and how innovation leads to clothing developing over time.

Y7 students look at innovation and how ideas are developed over time. They look at a variety of clothing and shoe labels and their logos, analyse them (what they look like, the colours, the simplicity) and use these ideas to design their own label/logo in which they will use on the items they produce in TAD.

Y7 lessons involve studying where our clothing is made and explore what makes labels popular. We spend time discussing sweatshops, what they are, their implications, and what it means for the brands we love.  We will discuss the reasons for them, the use of child labour and what we can do to prevent sweatshops.

Year 7 students will be taught how to hand paint, tie dye, use fabric paints, pastels and felts, hand sew and machine sew throughout the term. We will also be learning a technique to transfer photos onto fabric using a gel medium. They will be asked to use at least 2 of these skills when creating a pencil case, phone case, buntings or tote bag.

Year 8 students have a lot more freedom and get to choose all of the topics covered throughout the term. Their major final project will be designing their own t-shirts/or another item of clothing of their choice. They will be taught how screen print, hand paint, tie dye, machine embroidery, knitting, cross stitch and applique, with a recap on sewing.

Y8 students have all chosen their own independent sewing projects in which they need to follow a design brief, write out instructions and produce a sewing pattern for their project, they then get to make it.