Announcement : 

Last Day Year 8 Monday 13 December. Last Day Year 7 Tuesday 14 December. 1st day of Term 1, Tuesday 1st February 2022.  

Social Science

Year 7 Deadly Disasters.
“How do cultures respond to disasters, what impact do disasters have on communities and how might they impact the future”?
Learning intentions –

  • Understand the ways in which people respond to disasters and explore the consequences of decisions made.
  • Identify how people can be better prepared in the event of a disaster
  • Research and present an investigation on a disaster, its impact and the consequences of peoples actions.

Year 8: The Wonders of Ancient Civilisations
Ancient Civilisations – how do the cause and effect of past events impact and shape the present?

Learning intentions –

  • Understand how cultural practices reflect and express people’s customs, traditions and values
  • Identify how the ideas and actions of people from the past have a significant impact in shaping the present.
  • Understand how places influence people and people influence places
  • Identify how events have cause and effect