At Ponsonby Intermediate School all the strands of the New Zealand Science Curriculum are taught over the two years. We teach Planet Earth and Beyond (Geology/Astronomy/Earth Science) and The Material World (Chemistry) on the even years and The Living World (Biology) and The Physical World (Physics) on the odd years.
Margaret Marsick teaches Planet Earth and Beyond and The Living World, and Ben de La Haye teaches The Physical World and The Material World.

We try and make Science as exciting and educational as we can, chunking 90minute lessons with experiments, hands on investigations, whole class and pair/group discussions, documentaries and drawing diagrams.

Margaret Marsick – The Living World:
In 2019 the students have had the opportunity to study the theory and the practical make up of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and how DNA is the building blocks of life and this is one aspect of life that makes every human unique.

Once we have grasped the idea of DNA, mtDNA and genetic traits we then move on to other aspects of the human body that make us all unique from one another, the study of Forensics helps us realise this. Students will look at fingerprints, cheiloscopy (study of lip prints), odontology (forensics of teeth), and handwriting techniques. By the end of the term students should understand that all humans are unique individuals.

Ben de La Haye – The Physical World:
The study of basic Physics – the students are learning what Physics is all about, how it is important in the world around us. They learn about how things work, looking at the scientific method, this is put into practise by doing experiments and scientific investigations.