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Term 2 Open Mornings: Tuesday 17 May, Thursday 9 June, Tuesday 14 June, Wednesday 15 June.


At Ponsonby Intermediate School all the strands of the New Zealand Science Curriculum are taught over the two years. We teach Planet Earth and Beyond (Geology/Astronomy/Earth Science) and The Material World (Chemistry) on the even years and The Living World (Biology) and The Physical World (Physics) on the odd years.
Margaret Marsick teaches Planet Earth and Beyond and The Living World, and Ben de La Haye teaches The Physical World and The Material World.

We try and make Science as exciting and educational as we can, chunking 90minute lessons with experiments, hands on investigations, whole class and pair/group discussions, documentaries and drawing diagrams.

Margaret Marsick – Science 2020: Planet Earth and Beyond – Climate Change.

The Big Question is “Why is climate changing happening and how is it affecting life on Earth.”

This year our students will be learning the science behind climate change. To let them gain an understanding as to what is happening with our world. To learn the science behind climate change we will concentrate on looking at a number of aspects of our planet, the magnetosphere, the atmosphere, the ozone layer, barometric pressure, weather versus climate, desertification, deforestation, the albedo affect, the bleaching of coral reefs, sea levels rising, extreme weather, seasons, greenhouse gases, global warming, the history of previous climate changes, the water cycle, the carbon cycle, fossil fuels, renewable resources, the Milankovitch cycle…  to name quite a few. My plan is to inform the students, not to frighten them. We need to be aware that our Earth is constantly changing and we need to accept this and change with it.

As usual we will learn about this through, discussion, experiments, investigations, diagrams, written work and documentaries.

Zoe Soppet – The Material World This year students are depending their understandings about chemistry through investigating and experimentation. Our big question is: What matter makes up our world? To unpack this question, students are looking into the different elements and their uses throughout our world. They will learn about the periodic table, states of matter, physical and chemical properties and whether a substance is acidic or basic. To present their learning each student will pick an element of their choice, make a presentation about it over the course of this unit and share this with their class.