Announcement : 

Last Day Year 8 Monday 13 December. Last Day Year 7 Tuesday 14 December. 1st day of Term 1, Tuesday 1st February 2022.  

Home Economics

Focus Question:

Year 7:
How do we acquire skills to ensure a healthy nutritional understanding?

Year 8:
How do we utilise and demonstrate our understanding of healhty nutritional skills?

Learning Intentions:

Year 7:

  1. I will understand the importance of food hygiene and being safe in the kitchen.
  2. I will explain the functions of nutrients in relation to a healthy diet.
  3. I will define healthy eating and describe different food groups.
  4. I will follow instructions to produce a range of nutritional meals.

Year 8:

  1. I will be able to recognise the nutrition information panel on a food or drink item and identify the amount of fat and sugar in a food or drink item.
  2. I will understand the harmful health effects of eating unhealthy bought food frequently.
  3. I will select, cook and serve a range of nutritional meals and gain an understanding of the importance of eating as whanau.

All students will work collaboratively to develop the self-sustainable skills needed to sustain a healthy life. In the context of food and nutrition, the students will examine current theories and issues of nutrition, identify and reflect on factors that influence people’s choices and behaviours, and use this knowledge to make informed choices.

Through the processes of selecting, preparing, cooking and serving food, students develop their creativity and experience a sense of accomplishment. At the same, they develop personal and interpersonal understandings and skills that contribute to well-being.