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Term 2 Open Mornings: Tuesday 17 May, Thursday 9 June, Tuesday 14 June, Wednesday 15 June.

Visual Arts

Big Question Year 7:
How to artists explore their connections with, and concerns for our environment?
Big Question Year 8:
How do artists explore and demonstrate the influence of urban culture?

Learning sequence for year 7 students
In their first year at Ponsonby Intermediate students will be introduced to many types of media.  Lessons begin with questions around the importance of art and its history.  Students will experience several skills based activities such as mixing primary colours, shading and an understanding of the ‘Elements and Principles’ of art through experience.  Students will then look at the Big Question and consider this in regards to a focus artist.  They will learn how to look closely at artwork and explore an artist’s intentions.  They will develop literacy in regards to communicating ideas within their own work and another artist’s work.  Students will then start to shape their own ideas in response to the Big Question and explore their connection to, or concerns for a chosen animal or environment.  From here, the media of collage, wood cut, dye, pastel will be used to communicate their ideas.

Learning sequence for year 8 students
In year 8 students work on three to four key pieces.  The first task is to re-visit an art experience they did last year but add to this using any media they wish.  They are then introduced to a skills based task of choosing an architectural or structural form to copy using simple perspective principals.  Next they render it in pencil giving it depth and form through the use of a variety of shading methods.  Students then consider the Big Question and look at a variety of artists who explore urban ideas and themes.  From here, students start to design their own artwork, either a skateboard or tessellation portrait within this they follow criteria to steer them towards the given theme.  There is a lot of freedom as to what media they use and what images they choose.  ICT becomes an integral part of the programme with visual research and using Google Docs to present their artist research.  A Google doc is also used to present their ideas around their own work, this is used as a prompt when they present to the class.

Extra Curricular or Extension programmes
Visual Arts are also offered during the year as part of our Options programme.  Some examples being; Art History, Badge Making, Print Making and Sculpture, Trash to Fash, Krafty Kids, Zentangles, Pacific Arts.  Students who display ingenuity or compentence in Visual Arts have the opportunity to be selected for two major exhibitions throughout the year.  The first being the Auckland Intermediate and Middle Schools Art Exhibition and then our own annual ‘Inner City Schools’ Art Exhibition.  The Visual Arts are also celebrated in our bi-annual ‘Arts Week’ and ‘Culture Week’.  A core group of artistic students are also enlisted to help design and paint sets for our bi-annual major production.