Announcement : 

Last Day Year 8 Monday 13 December. Last Day Year 7 Tuesday 14 December. 1st day of Term 1, Tuesday 1st February 2022.  


Big Question:
How is Music important to our lives?

Year 7 Music Overview

  • Demonstrate elements of music such as beat, rhythm, dynamics and timbre in a group composition.
  • Show an appreciation of different styles and contexts found in a variety of music through active listening.
  • Improvise a 4 bar melody on xylophone.
  • Compose, notate and play a simple melody.
  • Prepare and perform a musical piece in a chosen genre for Showcase.

Year 8 Music Overview

  • Create sequenced patterns using Garageband that show contrast and structure.
  • Review music elements and use these to prepare and rehearse a musical piece for performance.
  • Identify and discuss influences and meaning found in popular songs.
  • Use video and music technology to present a positive message.
  • Use Kodaly methodology and Solfege to reinforce rhythm and melody.

Music across the school

  • Our major school Production held every two years provides opportunities for musicians, singers, dancers and actors to develop and showcase their talent.
  • Our concert band seeks to showcase and develop the musical talents of concert band instruments such as strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion.
  • The school prepares both Year 7 and Year 8 rock bands for performances on our annual roadshow, music assemblies and Rockquest.
  • Our weekly Music Assembly provides a fun way of sharing in music making, through school-wide singing and performances.
  • Our Kapa Haka group provides students opportunities to sing and perform for school events and powhiri.